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Feast Your Eyes on Irresistible Food Halls

Food courts have been around for decades, just think back to those many mall visits years ago before online shopping took over. Or how many hours in airports or train stations did you spend burning time sitting at a table in the food court? Funny enough, they’ve always been there, and they’re not going away; in fact, they have made a resurgence recently, but now with a new nomenclature “food halls”. Numerous consumer factors support this new found glory for food halls, including the rise of the millennial generation, the growing popularity of fast-casual dining, and the increasing demand for convenience. Understanding why food halls continue to play a role in the restaurant and dining industry is necessary in order to successfully build them for our clients. 

Starting with the millennial generation, younger generations are driving the food hall trend. These generations are more likely to eat out than previous generations and they desire a wider array of cultural variations and sourcing methods of the food they eat. Food halls offer a great way for people to easily sample a variety of cuisines without having to commit to a full meal or a single restaurant. 

Additionally, not everyday does someone have the time, patience, or proper attire for a traditional sit-down restaurant. Food halls offer high quality food, in a fraction of the time, with a casual approach that is attuned to a modern lifestyle. Most even have a bar and brewery option as well, making them a perfect spot for casual lunches, after work drinks, and even online dating meet-ups.

Lastly, and possibly the one with the most profound impact on the resurgence of the food hall, is it provides young or emerging chefs the ability to become entrepreneurs and test their restaurant concept in a smaller, easier to control setting, that requires less staff and upfront investment. Becoming a chef, working their way through each level working towards mastering the craft, is a feat worth recognizing in itself. Many dream of starting their own restaurant one day, but the commitment and investment is too daunting or beyond attainability. A food hall provides them a critical stepping stone to successfully get their restaurant concept off the ground. 

Our experience and knowledge makes Klasik Construction a tremendous asset for a developer looking for a way to attract tenants to your building. Food halls increase foot traffic into a building, providing an asset to your tenants and therefore more value to the real estate. It’s why food halls have become popular with building owners, tenants, and customers. 

Our construction company has successfully worked with both developers and restaurateurs to build out food court spaces. We have a team of experienced professionals who can help you to create a food court that is both functional and attractive. If you are interested in learning more about the next steps to your new food court, please contact us today.

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